Public Figure has over ten years of experience in designing and producing handmade quality clothing. Because of a worldwide rise in demand for our custom made suits we have decided to create an online presence and make our tailored clothing available to a wider audience. Now every style conscious man and woman can profit from our affordable craftsmanship, superior fabrics and excellent service.

We strive to perfection and to design made to measure suits with personality. Suits that confirms the career and social status of demanding customers and reflects their personal attention to quality and detail. Whatever your wishes are, we can cater to any dream.

Public Figure guarantees delivery of every item within five workdays after we have received your order. After delivery we will do any adjustments if necessary because we are only satisfied when you are!

Treat yourself to an exclusively tailored suit. Within the region of greater Amsterdam we are happy to drop by for any personal advice.

How We Work

Public Figure sizes you up

Do you still think only the happy few can afford a custom made suit? Please meet Public Figure. We are your personal tailor. Literally. There are two ways to order a tailor made suit from Public Figure


  1. Public Figure is based in Amsterdam. We come to your doorstep or office location for free to take your measurements. A small charge applies to appointments outside of Amsterdam, depending on the traveling distance.
  2. Select one of 100 different fabrics for your bespoke suit.
  3. We will personally deliver your new suit withing 5 workdays.
  4. Changes to the suit will be made on the spot to ensure a perfect fit.
  5. You are now the proud owner of your own tailor made suit!